Discographies should follow the same uniform format. The best examples of this format are found on the articles Girls' Generation discography and 2NE1 discography.

In general, discographies should be split among the three general sections:

  1. Albums (including full-length albums, mini albums, collaboration albums, compilations, live albums)
  2. Songs (including physical singles, digital singles, promotional songs, other charted songs, featured appearances)
  3. Music videos



Each section should be further subdivided into the above sections mentioned. Within these sections, there are several wikitables used. The albums section uses this wiki table:

Year Information Chart positions Sales/Certifications

Record charts should only be listed if the below items have actually charted on that chart. For example, if an artist's album only charted on the Gaon charts, then the wikitable would look like this:

Year Information KOR Sales/Certifications

When using bullet points, it is far more recommended to use      ({{b}}) as opposed to asterisk bullets (*).


Songs have a slightly different wikitable. Songs use this format:

Year Title Chart
Album 1 (2005)
2006 "Song Title" 5 4     JPN: Gold
Album 2 (2007)
2007 "Song 2 Title" 3 2     JPN: Platinum

Under each album colspan row, the singles should be listed. Albums should not be placed on the right-hand side as is standard practice on most wikis.

The same rules apply to songs as with albums concerning record charts. If songs only charted on one chart, it should look like:

Year Information JPN Certifications
Collection (2012)

The only different wikitable for songs is for the featured appearances section, which should use this chart:

Year Title Other performers Album

Music videosEdit

Optional music video lists should display this wikitable:

Year Title Director