G-Dragon discography
Big Bang - G-Dragon
Full-length albums 2
Mini albums 0
Compilation albums 0
Live albums 1
Physical singles 1
Digital singles 4
Promotion-only songs 7

This is the discography for Kpop artist G-Dragon. A member of Big Bang, he branched out into extensive solo work in 2009 and has subsequently released two full-length albums (one of which is a collaboration album with fellow Big Bang member T.O.P), one live album, one physical single, four digital singles, and seven promotion-only songs.


Full-length albumsEdit

Year Information Chart
2009 Heartbreaker

    Released: August 19, 2009
    Label: YG Entertainment


    KOR: 248,000

2010 GD & TOP (with T.O.P)

    Released: December 24, 2010
    Label: YG Entertainment

1 8

    KOR: 163,276
    JPN: 42,765

Mini albumsEdit

Year Information Chart
2012 One of a Kind

    Released: September 15, 2012
    Label: YG Entertainment

1 22

    JPN: 7,963

Live albumsEdit

Year Information KOR Sales/Certifications
2010 Shine a Light

    Released: March 3, 2010
    Label: YG Entertainment


    KOR: 39,401


Physical singlesEdit

Year Information
Non-album release
2012 "Oh Yeah" (with T.O.P feat. Bom)

Digital singlesEdit

Year Information KOR
Non-album release
2008 "Don't Cheat on Me Part 2"
GD & TOP (2010)
2010 "High High" (with T.O.P) 3
"Oh Yeah" (with T.O.P feat. Bom) 2
Infinity Challenge (2011)
2011 "I Cheated" (with Park Myungsoo feat. Bom) 1
One of a Kind (2012)
2012 "That XX" 1

Promotion-only songsEdit

Year Information KOR
Heartbreaker (2009)
2009 "Heartbreaker" 1
GD & TOP (2010)
2010 "Knock Out" (with T.O.P) 5
"Don't Leave" (with T.O.P) 11
"Baby Good Night" (with T.O.P) 24
One of a Kind (2012)
2012 "Crayon" 3

Featured physical singlesEdit

Year Information JPN
Another World by w-inds (2010)
2009 "Rain is Fallin'"/"Hybrid Dream" 2

Featured digital singlesEdit

Year Information JPN
Another World by w-inds (2010)
2009 "Rain is Fallin'" 11

Featured promotion-only songsEdit

Year Information KOR
Solar by Taeyang (2010)
2010 "I Need a Girl" 4

Other charted songsEdit

Year Information KOR
Heartbreaker (2009)
2009 "A Boy" 98
"Breathe" 20
"Butterfly" (feat. Jin Jung) 158
"The Leaders" (feat. Teddy and CL) 138
"Hello" (feat. Dara) 144
"She's Gone" (feat. Kush) 136
"Korean Dream" (feat. Taeyang) 146
"Gossip Man" (feat. Kim Gunmo) 153
"1 Year Station" 160
GD & TOP (2010)
2010 "Intro" (with T.O.P) 71
"Obsession" 43
"What Do You Want?" 52
One of a Kind (2012)
2012 "One of a Kind" 9
"Without You" (feat. ?) 10
"Missing You" (feat. Kim Yuna) 2
"Today" (feat. Kim Jongwan) 17

Featured appearancesEdit

Year Title Other performers Album
2001 "Storm" Perry, Sean, Masta Wu Perry by Storm
2003 "Scarecrow" Masta Wu, Taeyang Masta Peace
"Intro" Se7en, Perry Just Listen
2006 "Run" Se7en, Taeyang 24/Se7en
"Can You Feel Me" Se7en Se7olution
2007 "Super Fly" Lexy, T.O.P, Taeyang Rush
2008 "Intro (Work It Now)" Gummy Comfort
"Party" Uhm Jung Hwa D.I.S.C.O
2011 "Open the Window" Seungri V.V.I.P
2012 "Dancing on My Own" Pixie Lott, T.O.P Young Foolish Happy
"Tree Frog" Psy Psy Best Sixth Part 1

Music videosEdit



  • "This Love"








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